Lust Versus Love

Lust is a whirlwind of emotion– wanting someone for just one moment

The excitement, the rush of fast-paced passionate love with no time to think

Feeling their hair in your hands, losing sight of the world

But Love

Love is so much more

Love is being captivated each day in a new way

The way they speak with so much passion about their favorite TV show

Or the way their legs intertwine effortlessly with yours at night

Love is not being able to see a future without them by your side

Love is your future and their future is love

It is impossible to seek out love

Lust is easy– an effortless game

But love isn’t a simple game of hide and seek

No amount of searching will succeed

Love appears when you least expected moments

Love isn’t stopped by time

It has no boundaries

It cannot be confined




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