Together We Can Overcome

It’s easy. Easy to get caught in the midst of life. Easy to feel ungrateful and filled with complaints; trust me I know. I find myself complaining often about things that in the end truly don’t matter. I catch myself thinking “Why can’t I be smarter” or prettier or funnier, whatever it may be, it weighs on my shoulders each day till I feel crushed by a weight I’ve spent my whole life trying to erase. The good and bad always weighing each other, pushing both to their limits. It’s hard when it doesn’t go the way we plan.

Then something happens, and sadly in the world we live in it seems to happen quite often. A tragic event fills our minds with why’s and our hearts with grief. It reminds us, “That could have been me, or you”. The people we take most for granted can disappear from our lives forever without a chance to say goodbye.

It’s hard to come to terms that we don’t have the peace of mind to sit back, relax, talk, share freely, love, disagree. We have to keep on our minds every moment that our actions have a consequent, whether we chose to do something that led to a moment of greatness or if we chose to stay home, do nothing, and feel empty, all actions have consequences. Before our minds start racing and our palms sweating, take a breath with me. Realize that some things are just out of our control, but in order to feel just a slight more glimpse of freedom, we can choose to look fear in the eye and say you will not control us.

Awful things are happening every day to good and bad people. Things we cannot control; things we may not even know about. But if we stop our days and grovel in fear we’re giving them exactly what they want; control of something that is so much greater than themselves, but they do not deserve it. They do not deserve your hate or pity. Spending time looking back on them feeds their ever growing desire for attention, so let’s focus on becoming better. Better than they’ll ever be. Stronger than they’ll ever be. A united front is far more frightening than one pushing up against one another’s every move.

The good and bad are always weighing each other, pushing both to their limits. It’s hard when our side loses a battle, but remember it was a battle, not a war. Fear is okay for a little while, but remember you have to get back up; we have to get back up. We are stronger than evil. Evil is a force based on the failure of others, while good is based on the building up of others. Together we can overcome, without fear of the future.


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