Late Night Thoughts

Locked in the present of one moment, it is hard to have the future on the forefront of the mind. Our souls filled with anger, joy, boredom, sadness; it consumes us until we no longer see the rest of our timeline. Crowded into tunnel vision all sense is disconnected. The wants of now dissipate everything else until all we finally get what we thought we needed all along, and then a new urgency presents itself, to return. Return back to the moment that changed us or him or her. Awoken at night we lay, longing. Longing to give the knowledge imprinted now into our minds to a foolish and ignorant younger self.  We want nothing more to change the moment that keeps us filled with dread and embarrassment. The moment impossible to leave anyone’s mind, especially our own. So we try to ignore. Keep moving forward, away from that instant. Distance. Distance will change us. Make us happy; Make us forget. Until the next time we must run, but until then we stay waiting behind broken smiles and dampened hearts.



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