The Creature Lost Without a Pause

via Daily Prompt: Pause

The car ride staring out the window while my sister drove

Every thought in my head disappeared except for one

One thought played over and over, I fought to push it out

I fought so hard, but it refused to vanquish

He’s really gone

I wish I could’ve been there

Held him while his soul journeyed to a far more dazzling place than this earth

God I wish more than anything I could have paused time before it all happened

Time seemed to slip away faster

Now that we knew he was leaving soon

And that I was not taking the journey with him

I’d give anything to go back

One more moment of love, hate, jelousy, happiness, excitement

One more moment of anything, just to be with him

To be able to pause one of the moments

When his dark entrancing eyes stared into my light shattered ones

Slowly working to help me see the beauty in my brokeness

But instead I am on my way to graveyard

looking out at the beautiful world

that has lost one of its most magnificent creatures




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