The Universal Trait

We all feel it, each and every one of us.

Whether you’re considered to be someone who chooses goodness over evil, or the opposite, it does not matter.

I know you feel it; the human race has one singular trait that will never go away as long as we are here.

The pit.

The pit in your soul that you’ve tried to fill in, but in the process of trying to fill it with things you will never be fully satisfied with, you have just made the hole deeper.

You fill and fill but it just gets deeper and deeper.

Some days you don’t feel it. Other days it barely creeps in. And then there are the days when it is so prevalent it hurts your very being to get out of bed.

What if there was a better way?

What if there was a better way than struggling to fill a hole with things from this world that do not even bring you full satisfaction.

What if there was someone who loved you enough to pull from them self to give to you?

Would you reject them?

Tell them there is no possible way they could be real?

Or would you take the chance.

Would you take the chance on someone you cannot see, but you can feel deep down?

Right below the pit of darkness that lurks in my very soul, there is a fountain.

A fountain of love, who keeps on filling up my pit as I continuously dig deeper.

No fancy gimmick. No payment plan. Just love. A love greater than all loves.


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