One of Those Moments

The sweet chill of a new adventure

The wind blowing through your hair as you run against it

Looking to your left and seeing your best friend

The beautiful smile on her face that has brightened up so many of your days

All the sadness left behind in this one moment

You take a moment to soak it in

To take a picture in your mind you can look back on

You take note of how it smells like a fresh rain storm

The feel of the dew from the grass on your feet

The beautiful blue sky tinted with sprinkles of grey

You forget everything

The disappointment of being told you weren’t good enough again

The judgement from people who barely know you

The fear of your future

It all spins down the drain in a big rush because none of it matters now

You are living in a moment of pure happiness and you refuse to let anything ruin it





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