One million thoughts in two words


Beautiful words created by beautiful people

In the midst of explaining a complete thought in only a few syllables

These words

You constantly feel on the tip of your tongue

But they never quite make it out


Learning more about language

The beautiful art of speaking

Should be so dear to our heart

With electronic dictionaries

Inches away at all times

Forgetting comes naturally

Language taken so long for granted

You will be surprised at what you come across



Consonants and vowels make up two lovely words

Hold these words dear

Let them remind you of who you want to be

And what you tend to become

To do something with meraki is to do something with soul and creativity

Or to put yourself into something you love

Fear surrounds this word

A fear of the future

None of us cherish

But the pit of not knowing lays deep in our hearts


Passion flows through our veins, bringing us to life each day

But something is holding us back

A yearn to hide

So much passion crushed by being afraid of one tiny syllable

One word that haunts


Its one goal is to keep us in latibule (in my place of hiding, in a place of comfort)


But push to edge

Jump off





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