Life:Big or Small

I am the epitome of the phrase “young and stupid”.

Don’t get me wrong; I would consider myself a pretty good kid…

I haven’t done anything to get myself arrested and I’m not flunking out of school but I definitely would not be considered very wise.

I lack experiences.

I haven’t gone around the world, meeting loads of people.

I haven’t climbed a high mountain or explored the vast sea.

I haven’t interned at a large company or had coffee with a famous person.

If the weight of my life was lifted off of the earth the scale would not tip much, but I still think I have a pretty good thing going with this whole life thing.

I may never be in movies or write a best seller, but I am content in the fact that I do not need fame and gratification to live.

If I ever do end up succeeding in a way the world would call huge I hope I remember the people that brought me there.

I hope I remember the warmth of my Mammaw’s hugs.

Let me never forget the nights crying of laughter with my sister, or movie nights with my mom.

I pray my ambitions will never make me forget my dad&daughter nights, or the games of basketball with my brother.

I hope I remember how perfectly at peace I was sitting with my lovely friends at brunch and listening to how beautiful their souls are.

I love my life.

It pains me to think I may forget the beautifully ‘small’ moments in my life.

It may not be big or fancy or even exactly what I hoped it would be but I still adore it.

Word of advice from someone you probably should not be taking advice from:

Soak it in. Soak in all the small moments in life. It is so easy to let your ambitions in life suck out all the love and joy surrounding you, but also never stop dreaming. Dream big and wide but remember to thank the people helping you across the bridge. Never leave the ones who truly care. Remind yourself daily of the people who love you and let them know of your gratitude for their love.





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