Your future and your past are both looking at you with intense envy

They wish they were the one making the decision

Your past longs to be relevant again

It longs to take over your life, forcing you to focus on it

While your future despises you for not knowing exactly what to do

It gawks at how naive you are and wishes it could go back to tell you to take a different path

But you cannot focus on them because the present you is all you have

It is the only one that stays with you each and every minute

It is the clock of your soul, it can’t move forward or backward without manually changing time yourself

It realizes you cannot change the past and you can only look forward to the future

Your present realizes just how lucky it is to just live unlike the other two tenses

The others are never with you

Your past can only hold you back if you let it strangle your present

And the future can only win if it terrifies you so much that you refuse to look forward

Be in your present

Don’t try to step into a time you cannot be

Learn to love the ups and downs of your life and the past and future will show love back to you


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