Knew vs Know

I knew of you…


I knew you liked being on stage

I knew you loved english and despised math (not because of the subject, just because you sucked at it)

I knew you had a laugh other people would call obnoxious but I thought was precious


I knew how you made me feel

I swear my heart pounded harder every time I saw glimpse of you

I knew that I looked forward to catching glimpses of you from across the room everyday

But I didn’t know you


I didn’t know your anxiety controlled your life

I didn’t know how scared you were of letting people in

I didn’t know you were afraid of commitment after hearing your parents say they didn’t love each other anymore

I didn’t know you feared my rejection just as much as I feared yours


You would think I’d choose to know of you a million times over before actually knowing every part of you

You’d think that I would jump at the chance for an easy love

But what you don’t understand is that as much as you’re afraid to let me, I’m equally as scared to let you see me


I know how crazy screwed up I am

I can count my assets on one hand, while my flaws could take up a whole book

But I take comfort in knowing that if we choose to let each other in we can make each other’s disadvantages new


I’m not naive

I don’t expect you to fix me ; just as I don’t expect to fix you

But that is what will make us work

Knowing that you don’t have to ‘fix’ someone to have an amazing relationship with them

You just have to learn accept them for everything they choose to let you know 










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