They say the energy you put into the world  is what will come back to you

But if you live off this saying, you will never survive

Good people get decked out hard lives sometimes

And bad people sometimes get rewarded for their crimes

But in the end sometimes you have to lose everything to truly succeed

None of the ‘greats’ have boring back stories

Instead of focusing on the hardship you are going through now

Think of how you can polish it to turn your future from coal to diamond

Your hardships and accomplishments do not define you

It’s what you do with them that does

Be humble when accomplishing a goal, but still be proud

Do not hold pity like a cloud over your head, instead use it to teach others

Remember it only takes one push to drop from the top to the bottom

And also remember once you’ve hit bottom, you have two choices…

To stay at the bottom forever, or work to pull yourself up




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