The contradictions of life

The contradictions of life that you must choose



Three doors, three options

How to choose

One means the beginning

One means the end

And one is an option no one can bear

Being stuck in time, the clock refusing to move

The doors are bamboozling

How to choose your path with no direction

No one can help me now


A sudden rush of bloodlust has come over me

How can one expect me to decide my life path through three doors

I hate this feeling

I hate the feeling of not knowing

I cannot control this

Why isn’t this someone else

Why do I have to choose now


I don’t know how many years I have left

I could be stuck here in this time forever

Not knowing how to escape

The couple of people I’ve met through my life

could determine the bibliography of my life

How would you feel for the people who know you now

To be the only sources of your life to the people of the future



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