Looking back from the perspective I’m in now I realize it never mattered

The petty fights and losing our voices after hours of screaming

I should’ve just let you go but I didn’t think I was capable of living without you

I realize how wrong I was

You never deserved me

You never deserved anyone


All the hate you built up inside you

You never loved me

You just wanted to share the burden of your blackened heart with someone


I didn’t realize love and pain didn’t have to come hand in hand

I always thought love came with pain for me because I felt everything too deeply

But I realize now it’s because I refused to ever feel anything true

Because I feared being hurt

But in the process of trying to avoid pain, It was the only thing that came to me


70 years later nature has taken its course

I’m gone from the world with nothing to leave behind

Except the pain is now for someone else to bear



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