High school: You have to choose.

Lets be honest here, most of us in high school resided in one of two camps, athletics or the arts. There was no wiggle room to be in both, and if you were you are a very rare breed. Kids in athletics don’t understand the appeal of ‘making a fool of yourself’ in front of a huge audience, while the kids involved in the arts despise the athletic kids for getting most of the attention.

The hardest part of high school is learning acceptance and how to grow into being a better version of yourself. One of the best ways to better yourself is to jump out of your comfort zone and venture into a new realm. If the kids in the arts and athletics switched positions for one year, who could deny that they would have a better appreciation for the other.

Many studies have been researched on the values of both the arts and the participation in sporting events. The arts have been linked to improved graduation rates, literacy, and much more. While athletics has been linked to overall better health (mentally and physically), as well as a great place to practice leadership skills. Overall there is no denying the importance of both circulars. Instead of encouraging kids to only explore one option of what they can do in their free time, encourage them to try a variety of subjects. Encouraging our friends and children to try something new can only cause a lesson to be learned, whether it is a good experience or not. The best thing we can do is encourage acceptance and variety in our future students education to make a more well rounded future.



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