Blossom,Live,Fall Apart, Repeat

Slowly falling

The leaves from the tree rush to the ground

There is no stopping their natural course

Blossom, live, fall apart, repeat


Different people see different beauty in the stages

The lover of spring sees the beauty in new life

The summer lover bathes in the joy of the strong growth of the tall, firm tree

The beauty of autumn is seen by the man who embraces change

And then there is winter


Winter is cold and dark and unforgiving

The tree has nothing left to hide behind

No leaves, just what is left behind them

But what many of us don’t see is the beauty of what is left behind the scenes

Holding up the beautiful leaves are strong, hearty branches

Without the strength of the branches the leaves would never have grown in the first place


You are the tree

Stop hiding behind your looks or your talents

Stop looking for redemption in someone else

Find the people who love winter just as much as spring

Find the people who appreciate the soul behind what everyone else sees


Learn to love what is inside you

Build the strength that is inside of you

And it will support what is on the outside


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